Wading Through the Mess

Grief, Self Care

I’ve been struggling to figure out something to say to you.

Something reassuring.

Something hopeful.

Something comforting.

All of us are suddenly living in a world turned upside down, and we’re all – myself included – craving safety right now.

Confusion, fear, anger, anxiety, and uncertainty are on the daily menu for the whole world right now.

I don’t know about you, but tears have been close to the surface for me, much more than usual.

Our entire world is having a collective experience of trauma and grief. If you have had any trauma in your life – and honestly, most of us have in one way or another, especially if you have a chronic illness – you might be finding that intense emotions are coming up a lot right now.

You may also find yourself being very calm and in control. And you may even be vacillating between the two.

What I want to say to you is that any and all of these emotions and reactions are ok. What you are feeling is absolutely, perfectly normal and right.

The way out of those emotions is not over or around. The path out lies smack dab in the middle of the messy stuff.

I encourage you to not push those emotions down. Allow them to bubble up. Sit with them. Listen to them. Feel them.

Do your best not to judge yourself or the emotions.

I promise they won’t last forever.

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2 Comments on “Wading Through the Mess”

  1. Yes, I have long spans of feeling OK and then suddenly a photo of beautiful, happy children makes me cry. “How random?!!” I think, as if I expect all I experience in the middle of horror to instantly make sense.

    Thank you for reminding about nonjudging acceptance.

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