Go from Chronically Ill to Chronically F@cking Fabulous… You Really Can!

Claim your inner badass, regain control and live audaciously

Chronic illness means digging deep to find every ounce of grit, stubbornness, and determination just to get through the day.

You’re conditioned to believe there’s something called “normal,” but chronic illness just isn’t that simple. People around you don’t get it. You LOOK okay, so what’s the problem? For you, looking okay means you suck it up, paint a smile on your face, and push past limits… and you pay a wickedly high price for it. You sometimes wonder how long you can keep this up. And you know that faking it to just “look okay” isn’t enough anymore.

You deserve to truly BE your most extraordinary self.

Chronic illness means some things are not in your control… but a TON of other things ARE! The magic is knowing where your power lies and fully owning it.

I’m Cara, a certified life coach since 2010, and I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS, a genetic connective tissue disorder) and Fibromyalgia. I know exactly what it feels like to live with major chronic illnesses because I live it every day.

I know what it’s like to feel compelled to explain—again —why you don’t have the energy to do something others take for granted… or to burn through all your energy to avoid disappointment. I was the square peg trying to pound myself into that round hole of “normal” for many years… and it SUCKED. I knew things weren’t working but I had no clue what else to do.

My turning point came through working with my own life coach. I discovered that thoughts and beliefs have a profound effect on symptoms and function because they actually change the chemicals within your body and brain. Recognizing how my thoughts were PHYSICALLY destroying my body was mind-blowing. Understanding that I’m the only one in control of this process was life-changing.

I now have more energy and joy than ever before, and certainly more than I ever thought possible. I’m creating a life I never even dared dream of. I’ll always have EDS and Fibro, but I don’t suffer or struggle with that fact anymore. Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. I now have more control of my symptoms than I ever did.

Now I’m dedicated to helping people like YOU to:

  • FIND your power
  • CREATE a solid plan (with loving accountability)
  • BUILD a life you love

You’ll LEARN to put yourself first, without apology or shame. It’s a difficult skill to learn. It’s uncomfortable. You’ll uncover and learn to address the patterns holding you back. Then, you’ll dissolve your conditioned version of “normal” and create a new one tailored exactly for you.

We’ll do it together.

Let’s get started!

Slide “As a graduate student with a chronic illness, I recently found myself completely overwhelmed. I had never worked with a life coach, and was concerned about the time commitment involved, but I really needed help. I decided to work with Cara because she understands the unique challenges posed by chronic illness, and I liked the mix of humor and 'badassery' on her website. As soon as I started working with her, I knew I had made the right choice! She helped me to identify counterproductive habits and ideas, define new strategies for handling difficult situations, clearly define my concerns and goals and devise strategies to address each. With her help, I realized that asking for what I need to improve my health can be done without apology. Cara has been a positive force in my life, by helping me realize my worth, my strengths, and my voice. I enthusiastically recommend Cara to anyone. She has helped me immensely." ~ Jennifer, Illinois Slide “I was full of fear, self-doubt, and felt lost and ‘stuck’ in life before working with Cara. I immediately knew in our first conversation that I wanted to work with her. She talks my language, at my level, and in terms I could relate to – no jargon. Her refreshing sense of humour breaks the ice and keeps things positive. She is so resourceful, listens deeply and asks great questions which really make me think and question my long-held beliefs. Chronic illnesses (asthma for me) can be hard, but Cara is easy to connect with because she lives it too. She helped me refocus on the things I really want, helped me get off my backside, and moving toward my goals with confidence and excitement. I strongly recommend her to anyone with health issues who wants to get ‘un-stuck’!” ~ N.M., Oxfordshire, UK Slide “Cara helped me get results at a pace that worked for me. I felt comfortable sharing my deepest sensitivities and using our sessions as an opportunity to sort through thoughts that were paralyzing me. She was incredibly careful to help me feel safe and never judged. And at the key moment, she was able to offer incredible insights that helped me see the patterns that were getting in my way. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is trying to transform their life.” ~ Justin, NYC Slide “Cara was my life coach through a difficult time and she made all the difference to the way I tackled my challenges. She enabled me to gain clarity and focus whenever I felt myself getting “lost in the noise”. She listened intently, asked powerful questions and was insightful and empowering. Her coaching style allowed me to reflect on my perspective and challenge my own thinking. She was always willing to confront beliefs and assumptions that could get in the way of achieving success, and this helped me to challenge myself and move forward with confidence. I would highly recommend Cara as someone who is totally focused on your issues and puts all her energy into supporting you to achieve success.” ~ Deborah, Eastern Massachusetts Slide “Cara is a thoughtful and compassionate coach who has a lot of passion. She takes the time to listen to not only what is being said, but also what is not being said, so that she can do her best to get to the root of an issue. She will make sure she fully understands an issue before moving forward in order to leave no stone unturned.” ~ Amanda, Connecticut Cara Sachs Coaching Icon